A Beginner’s Guide to Global Issues Management

In today’s increasingly globalized society, you don’t have to be the head of international affairs at a Fortune 500 company to recognize that global issues impact you and your business everyday. But what exactly does modern global issues management look like?

At FiscalNote, we believe managing global issues in real time requires three main components: a central body of knowledge, coordination at a global scale, and a strong network of allies. Of course those are easier said than done, so let’s explore what each of those categories entail:

Single system of record

In order to communicate effectively and ensure there is alignment across teams and the globe, it is crucial to have a central hub where all relevant documents, contacts, bills, and notes on actions taken live. Storing important information in email inboxes and voicemails won’t cut it when trying to communicate with operations across time zones.

While a single system of record is key for keeping your entire company organized and on track, it’s not the only important factor. You also need access to intel that helps your organization stay ahead of an ever changing socio-political environment. FiscalNote offers both a single system of record, plus access to the data and content your teams need to monitor. With over 100,000 policy documents from 23 countries and 8 languages, FiscalNote’s platform is the ideal partner for international policy information at both the legislative and regulatory level. In addition to translating documents, FiscalNote does the research to standardize and flatten these country-by-country peculiarities so your focus remains on your issues.

Coordination at a global scale

In addition to a single system of record with easy-to-use international data, the ideal global government and public affairs leader must be able to quickly and effectively collaborate on wide-spread issues. When information silos exist in today’s digialitized world, it is impossible to coordinate across departments and offices.

FiscalNote’s issues management platform offers users access to valuable data and analytics, as well as to user-friendly collaboration tools needed to act on the intel FiscalNote provides. FiscalNote enables users to have conversations organized by issue area, tag team members directly inside relevant bills or documents, share insights, and with it’s in-depth reporting capabilities, users are able to track and see the ROI of the efforts and interactions of their entire team.

Strong Network of Allies

Since impactful global issues constantly change, identifying and building relevant stakeholder networks, both internally and externally, to address global issues is difficult to accomplish effectively at scale. FiscalNote combines global contact data (both from FiscalNote’s original data and contacts you choose to add) with powerful analytics to deliver insights about influencers to build dynamic stakeholder networks about every issue important to your organization.

FiscalNote offers users access to contact information for more than 15,000 legislators and their staffs, ensuring you’ll never be short of new allies for the issues that matter most to your organization.

Once you’re equipped with a central system to store all your disparately scattered knowledge in an organized way, have intelligent tools that allow easy and efficient collaboration across various issue areas, and can identify the right network of allies for those issues, you’ll be well on your way to effective global issues management.

Global issues management is a challenge for all organizations, no matter the size or industry. Having a single system of record coupled with access to FiscalNote’s big data, helps teams across the world work as efficiently as possible, in turn making the work they do more powerful.

Reminder: global issues move fast–but with the right technology in place, they’ll no longer seem too mass(ive) to handle.