Why All Organizations Need an Issues Management Solution

Let’s face it, you’ve got issues. Every organization does.   In a world of political uncertainty, a global and distributed workforce, instantaneous news cycles and markets that can fluctuate with the post of a tweet, businesses must be agile in their response to issues. Otherwise, the consequences could be catastrophic resulting in financial, reputational or operational losses. Truly resilient organizations … Read More

What is Issues Management?

The state of business There comes a time when every organization approaches the metaphorical fork in the road: one path leading to innovation, the other leading to failure. No matter the size of your organization or the goals you’re up against, political uncertainty, instantaneous news cycles, social media and a world that is more interconnected than ever create gaps that … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Global Issues Management

In today’s increasingly globalized society, you don’t have to be the head of international affairs at a Fortune 500 company to recognize that global issues impact you and your business everyday. But what exactly does modern global issues management look like? At FiscalNote, we believe managing global issues in real time requires three main components: a central body of knowledge, … Read More

Stakeholder Management for the Information Age

Organizations today have to constantly build, manage, and leverage relationships with everyone from business partners to its Twitter followers in order to protect their brand and reputation. FiscalNote clients like Microsoft, Toyota, and Johnson & Johnson must consider and respond to issues and stakeholders that cross borders, cultures, and languages – creating the need for innovative solutions and tools to … Read More

Modern Problems, Modern Strategy: An Issues Management Story?

Whether it’s the drop of a “hater’s” tweet, sudden movement on a burdensome tax bill, an upcoming merger,a competitive new generic on the market or even internal miscommunication between departments, modern organizations are always up against challenges that make it difficult to achieve their goals.   Sound familiar? In the past, corporate vulnerabilities were primarily limited to the legal structures … Read More

A Smarter System, Built by Us and Enabled by You

At FiscalNote, we ingest, structure, and classify tens of thousands of new data points every day. We are constantly updating millions of documents and tens of thousands of people in our database, creating so much potentially relevant information for you and your organization to track. How do we ensure that nothing falls through the cracks? Our system incorporates an internal … Read More

Raising the Bar for Legislative Tracking

Every day, thousands of people access a variety of different systems to achieve one goal — to keep track of potential new laws as they move through the legislative process. While the importance of new legislation is different to every organization, and the work can look very different depending on the jurisdiction you’re concerned with (US state legislatures, Congress, the … Read More

How Do You Measure Success for Your Organization?

ROI is often perceived as a buzzword – it’s far easier to say than to successfully measure. However, ROI and success metrics are a critical component of any issues management strategy. But what are we really saying when we talk about ROI and setting metrics? At the core, we want to know if the work we’re doing is having an … Read More

You’ve Got (China) Issues

If you don’t have a China plan, then you’re not thinking strategically enough. With its One Belt One Road Initiative, 5 Year Plan, and burgeoning middle-class, China is rocketing past the US on its way to becoming the world’s largest economy, and this is only the beginning. Putting money where its mouth is, China invests money equivalent to 9% of … Read More