Why All Organizations Need an Issues Management Solution

Let’s face it, you’ve got issues. Every organization does.  

In a world of political uncertainty, a global and distributed workforce, instantaneous news cycles and markets that can fluctuate with the post of a tweet, businesses must be agile in their response to issues. Otherwise, the consequences could be catastrophic resulting in financial, reputational or operational losses. Truly resilient organizations don’t collapse under the impact, they have a strategy and are prepared to address them.

From the beginning, an issue might not appear as a problem. An emerging trend can hum along harmlessly until it morphs into a major topic in the socio-political environment. This once harmless information creates a gap between the expectations of an organization and the public. Now you’ve got an issue – a conflict created by a contestable and differing points of view, which breeds instability and risk for all involved.

Organizations need to prioritize issues management alongside their efforts to build their brands and expand their markets. A tough issue can change public perception of a brand and undo the work that a marketing and public relations team have done. If the issue is regulatory, an organization’s products or services could be shut out of an entire market.

In years past, issues tracking was often relegated to the government or public affairs function within an organization. All organizations, regardless of size or industry, need to see issues management as part and parcel of their institutional resilience strategy.  

In many ways, issues management is the keystone for building a resilient organization that can proactively anticipate changes to their environment. To effectively manage an issue, organizations need to maintain consistency with coordinated responses, build stakeholder knowledge and demonstrate their effectiveness. FiscalNote has a solution that can help organizations breakdown silos and manage the organizational strategy and response.  

The FiscalNote Issues Management platform helps support the end-to-end journey of an issue from discovery and planning to execution and measurement. It helps organizations build a 360-degree view of an issue by managing processes and data on a single platform. The platform allows users to work across disciplines and collaborate with their colleagues – bringing together marketing, legal, public relations, government relations, corporate affairs and all the other teams that have a vested interest in keeping issues under control. The FiscalNote platform also includes a robust analytics engine that uses FiscalNote’s deep data repository to cut through the noise and increase speed-to-knowledge via insights and reporting, helping organizations make better-informed decisions about their issues management strategies.  

As with most things in life, when dealing with issues it’s better to be proactive than reactive. FiscalNote helps organizations identify trends before they become issues, as well as  deal with issues as they arise. It’s time to Face Your Issues.